Human Resource Management

XPRO Solution has started developing different software applications based upon your different needs. Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) software is one of a kind. HRMS is the prime source for all the service records of the employees.

HRMS helps an employee to apply for leave, loan, or send their reports, requests or grievances and they can also receive the sanction or reply online from their office. HRMS software spontaneously prepares all accounts and registers of an employee, like Service Book, Leave Account, Loan Account, Salary Account, Incumbency Chart etc., recovering all relevant data from transactions.

For superannuating employees, this software helps the employees to prepare their pension papers simply by “one click of buttons” and help authorities to process pension papers easily and quickly. Past transactions are permanently recorded and maintained in this software and integrated into the database, and subsequent transactions are recorded in real time. The Service Book of each employee is maintained permanently and it acts as the most complete source of such transactions. Hence, service data of each employee from the service book is the backbone of HRMS database.