Grievance Management System

XPRO Solutions Employee Grievance Management system helps you to track and resolve employees’ grievances quickly and effectively. Our sole management solution helps in recording, tracing and investigation of incidents in your organization.

Our solutionemphasizes on different areas of interests such as investigations, arbitrations, grievances, litigation, appeals and ethics for managing issues across legal, labor relations and HR.Complex and random grievances can be handled more effectively with smart analytics.

Any grievance management procedure can be considered idealif time frame between both reporting and responding to claims is managed appropriately. By creating a clearly-defined schedule as to when grievances should be reported, whom they should be reported to, and how the process should be handled once a report has been made, Company ensures the smooth functioning of its organization.

In addition, an option for maintaining a time frame or time limit for response from management is also an excellent ideal feature of our software. Thereby, ensuring the Employees that their complain has been received and will be answered shortly.